Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I would like to write, because it seems there is nothing better to do around here, and I'm going to lay down a few complaints, since, that's also something I can do instead of sleeping.

Complaint # 1 -

I've been dealing with back pain for the past six months or more and the chiropractor says that it's because of a pinched nerve in my neck, which seems to be nothing less than true. I can hardly sit on my computer for more than an hour before I start wishing for pain medication. Next....

Complaint # 2 -

I fooled around and fell in love. My boyfriend lives 12 hours away.

Complaint # 3 -

Said boyfriend has a lot of ex-girlfriends. He's younger than me by about 6 months, and like any 19-year-old, he goes to parties, where, these ex-girlfriends are probably lurking around. And, how would I know the difference? I haven't spoken to him all day, save a few scattered text messages. I trust him, but I miss him.

Honestly, I feel like a little bitch writing about shit like this, but I'm doing it, because if I don't I'm probably going to go crazy.

I love monotony. Routine is my friend. I like knowing what to expect. I mean yeah, things get old sometimes and you want a little variety, but damn. Maybe my boyfriend is just an idiot. All I really want is to know what's going on. When you are really really really in love with someone, you get a little crazy. A brief phone call would be nice, or maybe, a follow up, or something like that. But I feel like I deal with this shit all the time, and I don't want to bring it up and sound like an obsessive crazy person.

I need a direct line to Dr. Phil or something. I just feel so shitty wondering what he's up to at 2:30 in the morning on a Monday. Is that not reasonable?

Fuck, I guess I'll just send a really pissed off text message his way and then go buy a shit load of candy from the grocery store after Robot Chicken is over.

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